Looks Like Cozumel is Out for Now.

It hurts my heart to see nonsense and violence like this. Sadly it’s the world we live in. There are times where you have to make a decision for yourself and not wait for a cruise line to do it for you. I’m not saying anything negative against the lines, I’m saying sometimes a little common sense goes a long way. What am I getting at? Cozumel is out, at least for now. Stef and I won’t even get off the boat. We get it, we know the explosion was on a ferry going to and from Cozumel. It’s what the explosion represents that keeps us on board. We’re hoping that the cruise lines will suspend service to Cozumel sending a financial and political message for Mexico to get it’s stuff straight. I’m sure some will argue and say that’s an overreaction but we’re referencing a boat exploding around dozens of people and I’m not talking about a Michael Bay film. That plus the State Department has issued several warnings. They have more data than we do.

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