New Camera Reviews, Comparisons and Tests on the Way

When it Rains…

If you watch our vlog or you follow our business, you know that we love tech. We’re always looking for the next gear that will help us elevate our work and achieve our desired shots. Well, word got out that we were testing cameras and let’s just say that our FedEx guy hates us now. 🙂 Sorry man!

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Our Vlogging Gear and How We Travel with it

Our most commonly asked questions:

What gear do you use and how do you travel with it?

We’re always traveling and we document everything. This means finding a way to travel a lot of gear and not be obnoxious about it. Everything needs to be able to fly as a carry on. As you can see, we’re on a cruise ship but we still need to be able to take all of our gear.

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